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The author, Sebastian Placzek was born in 1976 in Kluczbork, a small town in the South of Poland.
He took his first steps at drawing and composition under the supervision of Jacek Tybur, which in a significant way shaped his knowledge and further perception of Art. In the years 1997-2000 he studied at the Institute of Art, the University of Poznan and continued his artistic education at the department of Fine Arts, the University of Torun. He graduated from his studies in 2002.
The motifs he touches upon in his works are a result of search for many various areas of artistic expression. What undoubtedly had a huge impact on the author´s artistic transformation, was the music. Magnificent pieces by Krzysztof Penderecki, Henryk Mikolaj Górecki or Elliot Goldenthal as well as symphonic works by Wojciech Kilar and Johannes Brahms made him very prolific and creative painter.
´There are a lot of areas of creativity, and each of them allows to reflect human personality. Applying a few of them makes me not only observe but also penetrate the surrounding reality. And you can see that in my works. But painting and drawing have been still remaining the most important acts of my artistic activity. I am also trying to use my already gathered experience as well as new, just discovered means of expression in order to use them in a new area of artistic activity´.
Not only music influenced his way of painting, but also his early interests in human being and surrounding him both real and surreal world. At present he goes back to these themes and tries to recapture them but from a completely different perspective. His own dreams and imagination find their reflections and their way to emerge in his works. And that is because of his interest in Surrealism and Symbolism (Dali, Beksinski, Malczewski).
1997-2000 - study at the Institute of Art, the University of Poznan.
2000-2002 - study at the Department of Fine Arts, the University of Torun.
Since 2004 lives and works in Karlsruhe / Germany.

”Meine persönliche Entwicklung und sowie meine Interessensgebiete spiegeln sich in meinen Gemälde wider und tragen zu einer stetigen Weiterentwicklung bei. Die Thematiken, die ich durch meine Arbeiten anspreche liegen diverse Suchen in verschiedenen Bereichen zu Grunde.
Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen Inspirationen – die beste Inspiration ist die Realität, das ‚Hier und jetzt’. Daher versuche ich Problematiken und Themen, die mich in meinem Alltag berühren, wie in den Bereichen Gesellschaft, Gesellschaftliche Konflikte, Wirtschaft, Politik und vor allem Krieg gegen Terrorismus, in meine Kunst aufzunehmen und durch sie auszudrücken. In diesen Gemälden versuche ich die Expressivität sowie die Emotionen der Menschen wahrheitsgetreu auszudrücken.
Neben meinen Gemälden, die sich an der Realtiät orientieren spreche ich durch meine Kunst aber auch Absurditäten an und male Ereignisse aus meiner Vergangenheit. Hierbei hat mich das Thema ‚Mensch’ über die Jahre mehrfach beschäftigt und somit begleitet”.
(Sebastian Placzek, 2012)

CENTOUNO - Fine art

Since 2013 Sebastian Placzek is a member
by CENTOUNO - Fine art

Sebastian Placzek - Exhibition -Karlsruhe Neureut, Germany, 2013

Sebastian Placzek - Exhibition - Karlsruhe Neureut, Germany, 2013

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Sebastian Placzek at (2012)
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sebastian placzek at work on espana2011

Sebastian Placzek - At Work on ”Espana”, november 2011